Bratäpfel {Baked Apples}

October 29, 2010 |  by  |  Blog, Fall, Food for the Soul

It is getting cold here in Canada, summer time is almost over. The evenings are getting cold!  This is the right time for my favorite fall dish: Bratäpfel {= Baked Apples}

To clear things up for my non-German friends: Bratäpfel are a traditional German Advent- and Christmas-treat. But they are also great to enjoy after a nice long walk in the fall. Originally the apples were just washed, the core was removed and than they would bake in a butter-greased broiling-pan on top of the hot fireplace. They take longer, if prepared that way, but their delicious smell will fill the whole house. When soft and ready to eat, “Bratäpfel” are served hot, with sugar, cinnamon and Vanilla Sauce.

Good Apples are the Secret

Today’s recipes are much more sophisticated, but the most important thing to make mouth-watering Bratäpfel is a good apple in the beginning. It should have a rather thick skin and fresh, tasty, rather sour flesh, like boscop apples, elstar or pink lady. After removing the core there should be enough space for a delicious filling. For fancier recipes the flesh of the apples can be removed and added to the filling.

So finally, here is the recipe:
Happy cooking, see you soon!
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//xoxo, Sibylle//

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