Jean Paul Gaultier Fur Vest DIY

October 15, 2010 |  by  |  Blog, DIY, Wearable

Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

I saw this amazing Mongolian winter fur vest from Jean Paul Gaultier during a shopping spree the other day. Unfortunately the price tag also was amazing $1295, which does not really fit into my budget at the moment, lol!

So i decided to take this into my own hands, which meant, going to my favorite Second Hand Store and trying to find similar fabrics/furs to stitch it all together. Of course it did not turn out exactly the same, but it’s an Original:-)

The final price also comes to about $25,  time of sewing (3 hours) etc. excluded.

1 hat {$5.99}  2 fur headbands {a $4.99}  belt {1.99}

vest {$7.99}

This is the result:

Can’t wait to try it out, and I am lucky, we are having a cold and windy day today!

Have a fabulous day everyone, I am off to my girlfriends for some coffee and photoshooting. More about that later!

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//xoxo, Sibylle//

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