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February 28, 2011 |  by  |  Blog, DIY, Sewing, Wearable

Hi everyone!

The day started as a snow day, which means, there is not school and it is snowing like crazy! This also means, that I am not leaving the house today because of the bad road conditions.

The perfect day to make a burlap bag!

I had burlap fabric left overs, they were not big enough for a pillow case, so I decided to make bags out of them.

First, we will stencil the fabric:

You will need (prt 1):

Wax/Freezer Paper, Burlap, X-Acto knife, Computer/Printer, Fabric Color (Pebeo), Iron

1. Print out a graphic you like, I used this one.

2. Trace on to wax paper.

3. Cut out the letters with an x-Acto knife.

4. Pin the wax paper to the burlap and iron over it

5. Apply the fabric color (Pebeo) to the fabric. Important: Do not thin the fabric color, it will bleed!

{Here is a more in depth stenciling tutorial}

Sewing the bag:

You will need (prt 2):

Sewing machine, Felt (40cm x 5cm) or any kind of colorful fabric, Bakers Twine

1. Fix the fabric color by ironing over it.

2. Sew the fabric together on 3 sides and make sure, you turn the bag inside out before (printed side inside).

3. Cut out felt for your strap, mine is 40cm long and 5cm wide.

4. Sew the strap on the inside of the bag.

5. Add the bakers twine as a little eye catcher.

6. Fold a flower out of burlap and attach it to bag.

Here are more burlap bags, nice, but they start at $150 a piece!

I made another bag, but this time for the wall.

Have a great day !

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//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. thos other bags for 150 $ a pop sure nice,but your is way better,honestly! well done clever you!

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