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Bonjour and good morning!  How is everyone?

You will not believe it, but the weather forecast actually forecasts 56°F (13°C) on Saturday! I thought that will never happen anymore, lol. That means, I can try on my new ruffle (sigh!) skirt (mine is light grey) !

Since today is all about the sweet things in life, I can tell you, that I also fell in love with … this skirt, it is so Sex and the City and if I wasn’t living in a small town in Canada, I would totally buy it on the spot!

I am pretty busy with Mr. T’s Birthday preparations (still have to make part of his present, but this is going to be so much fun! I’ll tell you all about it on Saturday!)


The other day we past by a bakery, and these meringue had such beautiful colors,  I had to make them! I did not really think of eating them, I just wanted to take pictures.


Did you ever try to make them yourself? I found this recipe at Delicious Days and she is coloring them with jelly powder.


More sweet things in life:

– The Ultimate Blog Party 2011 is flying! Have you jumped in yet???

There is still time to Link Up, to Visit Blogs,  and win prizes in the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 Prize Pool! So hurry — the party ends Friday, April 8th!


– The new Sweet Paul Edition for spring is out!




– Find out what else you can do with ladyfingers but Tiramisu!

– Sweet printable soap wrappers!

– The cutest cupcakes ever!


Enjoy your day! See ya later!

XOXO, Sibylle


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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