I ❤ Nutella Toast

October 21, 2011 |  by  |  Blog, Food for the Soul

We are doing a quick trip to Montreal today- beautiful city- hubby has a job interview and I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Esperanza.

Nutella: the only reason to buy bread.

My greatest weakness food wise is probably Nutella… I can take a spoon and eat the whole glass, lol. Of course the kids love it as well, and so I have to hide it, far behind the flour and sugar and long forgotten cans of chickpeas!

Have you ever tried to make your own Nutella? 79ideas did it, get her recipe here. I haven’t done it yet, but I would make buckets of it!

And here a delicious recipe for Nutella chocolate truffles


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//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. OMG, nutella is the only thing that can substitute my cup of coffee after lunch, I take one spoonful, eat it slowly enjoying it as nothing else and if noone’s watching i take another and quickly before a realize what I’m doing put it away…nutella really puts my self-restraint to the test…will definitely try the recipe…enjoy!!
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  2. I’m addicted to nutella too! Can eat it by the spoon!

  3. i just ate a sandwich like this the other day..except it was because the bread hadn’t been baked properly so had a hole right through it, with my nutella oozing out X)

  4. J’adôôôrais le Nutella jusqu’à ce que j’apprenne que je suis intolérante au lactose. Depuis, j’ai appris qu’il contenait du “mauvais” gras, je suis donc bien heureuse de ne plus en manger. Mais je cours vers “79ideas” et… devinez quoi, je vais m’en faire toute une beurrée!

    Merci et j’espère que l’entrevue s’est bien déroulée.

  5. Wait! Will you move again, to Montreal?!

  6. I love Nutella too, it’s basically chocolate frosting, I mean who wouldn’t right? ;)
    I posted my strawberries with Nutella last summer, they’re fun, tasty and no heating anything on the stove or microwave.
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