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I’m sharing a little bit of a different DIY today. It’s all about creating your own (online-) magazine! I was wondering for a while now, if I should include some blog tips & tricks on Funkytime, so who knows, if you guys like it, I might make this a regular column;-)


Above you see the finished magazine, which is the the Funkytime spring issue. Below you can see, how I made it:

I used Jilster. With Jilster you can create a beautiful, professional-looking magazine in a pleasant and practical way, together with others. That’s what I really liked. You can invite your co-editors and collaborate with them, even in three different languages!

You can create a personal gift too: for your parents, your friend or the bride.


As women are mostly the initiators of magazines, Jilster is in a way a platform for women from women. As there are three women behind Jilster. Anja, who founded Jilster in 2010 in the Netherlands, Margreet responsible for communications in the Netherlands and Dorit, who does the Marketing and customer services for Germany.


You can use existing layouts or design freely, just as you like. Would you like to show your magazine to others or give it away as a present? No problem, just share the digital version of your magazine for free or have it printed as a glossy magazine. It will definitely be a very personal present. And the best thing is, using their program and the digital version are totally free of charge. The only costs are the printing costs if you order your printed magazine.


So, hop on over and register for free either on or and start with your magazine! And when you finished you are welcome to share in the comments!


PS: Check out my Magazine Promo Page, pretty cool;-)



//xoxo, Sibylle//

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. WOW! AMAZING! I had no idea that anyone could do that! Thanks for sharing! I don’t have any idea for an online magazine yet, but this is good to know! :-)

  2. Thanks, fot this post. I wrote a few days ago about Issuu on my blog.
    Greetings from Poland mountains, Anuszka.
    Anuszka recently blogged..DIY Stwórz własny magazyn/Create Your Own Mag

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I think you should share some blog tips on your site. Your ideas and images are very unique. I have contributed to a handful of on-line magazines but hadn’t looked into creating one for myself or for a project. I think it is so amazing that you can collaborate on-line. I have had the issues that I contributed to printed out as a magazine I was was amazed at the quality. Thank you for highlighting this one. I can’t wait to check it out.
    Tracey Fisher recently blogged..Wrap it up Thursday – Last Minute Mother’s Day DIY

  4. I signed up for Jilster . . . let the fun begin!
    Jannifer recently blogged..Standing Alone

  5. Thanks for sharing. You’re great inspiration and definitely tips & tricks coloumn would be wonderful :)
    karolina {confetti+cookies} recently blogged..Speedy Hostess…

  6. Wow!!! Und wieder eine neue tolle Idee die du mit uns allen teilen magst… Danke… ich bin zwar noch ein ziemlicher Frischling in Bloggerland hab mich aber schon immer gefragt wie man sowas Tolles herstellt ohne direkt ein Grafikstudium zu absolvieren… Dank Dir bin ich jetzt wieder was schlauer… bitte bitte Kolumne daraus machen… super Idee… ich bin sicher dass da Viele von uns ganz heiss drauf sind… ;o) wer weiss… wenn ich im Sommer mit allen Prototypen für meinen kleinen Shop in Sachen Hundecouture fertig bin werde ich mich warum auch nicht mal an ein kleines Magazin wagen…. Step by Step… and learning by Doing! War sowieso schon immer meine Devise!!! Du bringst einen aber auch auf Ideen…. ts ts… :o))
    popeyetalk recently blogged..Die Würfel sind gefallen…. POPEYECOUTURE geht an den Start !!!

  7. I was searching some kind on solution you have posted. And amazingly found your post. Nice share.
    Tushar Roy recently blogged..Getting a E-mail notification when someone visit your site

  8. VERY intriguing! Thank you for sharing information about this resource. I’d love to know more about how your magazines and book are doing, how the publishing ‘distribution’ works, and what percentage of proceeds you the artist are able to get on those creations. Love your magazine and your blog!

    <3 Christina
    Christina at I Gotta Create! recently blogged..Life’s Just Dandy!

  9. Dein Magazin gefällt mir wirklich gut. Ein online Magazin zu gestalten ist schon länger eines meiner Ziele.

  10. Wow – genial! Das schau ich mir gleich mal an. Danke :)

  11. So CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Sibylle, this is such a good idea! thanks for sharing… i think one day, when i have the time, i have to do it. will pin it. cheers! hope you are doing well in spain, xx, Helene
    Helene @ Homebound recently blogged..{would you believe it…}

  14. Thank you! This is so helpful and seems like a ton of fun!

  15. This is idea to make magazine but which is better could you tell me ?

  16. This is WAY cool..YOUR MAG IS SO ADORBZ!!
    I just created my account and i’m making my First Mag be like a visual / Art history /evolution… if it works out nicely I might start making one for other Art avenues..perhaps one dedicated purely to my Shoe portraits..this seems super fun!!!

  17. Hi Sibylle,

    your entry is really interesting, I’ll definitely take a look at Jilster! For those who already have a PDF they just want to turn into a flip book might be a good solution. Maybe you want to take a look at it?

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