Dining Room Makeover

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We have been moving quite a bit for the past couple of years, and so I’m always busy renovating and decorating. But I love it, and it gives me a blank canvas every time. It’s just wonderful to experience different challenges in each place, we had tiny, big, country, city, … and trying different styles and colors every time. It’s even more wonderful, if other people like it too and when they like it so much, that they even want to print it in their magazine, that’s the coolest thing ever!

First off I painted the back wall of the room. Color used: Zumo de Papaya

The chairs around the table where a real bargain, I bought them for $10 a piece at a thrift store. They were really ugly, but after a coat of paint and new fabric, they now fit beautifully into the room. Tutorial here.



Long time ago, the dining table was black, then a couple of years ago I painted it white, following a tutorial here.

I don’t know if you have seen my Fancy Popsicles Post, if so, you probably already noticed my huge canvas on the wall! Yes, I fell in love with that picture and Hello Leinwand printed it for me on a 90x140cm canvas. I always thought, printing that big is quite expensive, but it turns out not!

And they were so nice to give a 15% discount to all Funkytime readers!


Coupon Code: Funkytime

If you like to print the popsicle photo, you can get it here.

Of course I am hanging my folding chairs on the wall again, like in my old dining room;-)

A new edition is Erika, my parents gave her to me for my birthday this year.

Dining room makeover | Funkytime

We have tiny balconies here, they hardly fit a table and a chair!

But I still managed to find space for some flowers, an umbrella (from here)  and enjoy the beautiful view every morning!

Some things I like this week:

If I had another dining room to make over, I would definitely make this one! Great job Chelsey!

I went here and came home with a bunch of those!

This is funky and totally genius!

My next DIY skirt?

Iam doing our vacation planning right now and was wondering if anyone ever been to Lagos (Portugal)  or Cadiz (South of Spain)? I would love to get some feedback on both!

It’s really getting hot here, 38C yesterday (at night it only cooled down to 30C), so I am melting overhere!

Enjoy the rest of your day! Enter the ‘Room for Color 2013′ Contest at Apartment Therapy!


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. the popsicle print is fantastic!!! I want one too, please can you mail the file, thanx a lot!!!

  2. What a lovely happy home! Loving the popsicle print too :)
    Toni – Skandivis recently blogged..Window shopping anyone?

  3. Oh my goodness, love love LOVE! The popsicle canvas adds the perfect touch. Are there really cupcakes on your dining room table at all times? Just kidding! Also love the yellow wall. So perfect and so you!

  4. Bright yellow it the best, isn’t it? People are so afraid of using it in their homes, but it looks so sunny and playful! Especially this Zumo de Papayo tint. Merci Sibylle!

  5. hey lovely… Isn’t Erica the best??

    Great post. Love the yellow! Your terrace is Genius x
    tina recently blogged..john cash and urban sketching

  6. Whoa! Thanks for the link! I love your dining room too — so happy! I love to see other people using bright, fun colors, then I don’t feel like such a crazy. I’m kind of jealous that you get to experiment with decorating so often.

    I’m not normally a cupcake fan, but those look scrumptious! (Maybe it’s my fear of frosting? Nothing but deliciousness in powdered sugar and cherries!)

    Also, my husband lived two years in Portugal. I bet he’s been to Lagos or Cadiz. I will ask him.

  7. Ohhhhh, that is a really beautiful dining room! And that without using a lot of accessories. I love the the papaya yellow colour. It makes this room so sunny and, I guess, brightens your mood instantly when entering!
    Julia recently blogged..Very berry – Fruit leather

  8. AMAZING!!! It would bring a lot of happiness into my flat in Warsaw (that’s capital of Poland, where I live).

  9. I am planning Holidays I Cadiz too, look for Zahora, Verger, Chiclana all the area seems to be really nice. I am willing to go there.

  10. That’s it, I just died :)))
    Awesome makeover, you usually don’t need much money to make great things.

  11. Stunning!! Love it!

  12. That looks amazing!!!!! I recently discovered your blog and I love it!!!

  13. Soso happy looking – love it!
    lebenslustiger recently blogged..Permanent Marker DIY

  14. Your dining room makeover is amazing. Like the mood of the new colour very much :-)
    I was in Cadiz this spring (just for one day on a cruise) The city was the biggest surprise within the cruise. I expected nothing but the city was awsome. Nice and relaxed beach in the city, nice bars, restaurants and a lot of shops and markets ;-) I will come back definately :-)

  15. Oh my, what a gorgeous room! So full of sunshine :)
    Becky | life.style.flash. recently blogged..Lost in the garden of Eden

  16. Hi Sibylle! Your dining room looks amazing. I’ve been to both Cadiz and Lagos (lived in Cadiz actually!) and love both. I could tell you about both places if you want, just send me an email, or we could (finally!) meet for a coffee or something here in Madrid. Your blog and magazine are so incredibly inspirational, I’ve been hoping to get together ever since you contributed to Recetas Americanas.

  17. You are amazing and i love what you have done !Papaya is a great color !
    JohanneGagnon recently blogged..Organic Papaya {earth-based food }

  18. With such a wall, who needs the sun? I love it! ( especially the picture, gorgeous)

  19. It looks great! What a lovely home :)

  20. Sibylle,

    I was in Cadiz last March visiing a friend. ( some pics are on the blog, too, if you want to see)
    It was really fun. Very relaxed with a great beach only a few mins from the city center. Not far from sevilla for day trips…
    Definitely had a great time :)

  21. what amazing dinning room idea!!you make my day!!love the painting!

  22. I want those folding chairs!!!!
    Anne’s Kitchen recently blogged..Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

  23. I love it! Love the color, love the chairs and the wall – and love the print!! It’s really summer-ish :)

  24. Absolutely love this dining room! You’ve inspired me :-)

  25. Oh my gosh I’m so in love with your dining room. Would it be possible for you email me the file for the image used as a canvas? I’m in loooooveeeeeeeeeee. :)

  26. Hello! Your popsicle print is awesome! Makes me drool when I’m melting in the heat! please mail me the file, please please?? thanks a million!!

  27. Gorgeous makeover!! I love the colour your chose and the art is phenomenal!

  28. LOVE this! Utterly inviting-I would be so happy eating there everyday-it’s just so cheery! Please send me the file for the popsicle pic-it’s BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much! Your blog is way above awesome!

  29. Awesome use of color! I really loved this popsicle print, can you please send the file? :)

  30. I’m in love with the popsicle print! Can I have the file? I would REALLY appreciate it!

  31. Great Color and Real Great picture. Did u Shot this?
    And Can i Print it for myself?

    Love this realy. Its the best Thing u can Look at this Rainy Weather


    (Sorry for Big caps;)

  32. This yellow hue makes me so happy, I love it! I recently painted my a wall in my hallway yellow! :)

  33. I came upon this rather late :) But the popsicle print is beautiful, and cheered me up immensely. I hope you will allow me to share them on my blog with a link.
    Primrose recently blogged..Last-minute love


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