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I’ve had this fabric for a while, originally I wanted to sew curtains out of it, but I was looking for a couple of weeks for a high waisted skirt and couldn’t find one. I actually didn’t even know, how you call that kind of skirt I was looking for. I wanted it to be kind of stiff and puffy, above the knees and yes, high-waisted. I went through many stores, without any luck, so I decided to make it on my own.

I have to say, I’m totally clueless when it comes to sewing, I don’t know the right words and expressions, that you use in the ‘sewing world’ either, so bare with me! I’m trying to make this DIY as understanding as possible….




Width: Measure your waist, double it, and add 3 inches.

Length: Measure from a few inches above your waist (depending on how high-waisted you want this thing) to where you want the skirt to hit, for example your knee. Add 1 inch.

1. Cut out your fabric, then make your pleats and sew them into place.

2. Sew the length of our skirt (side seam). You will now have already the skirt, just without the waistband.

3. Pin waistband to skirt, right sides together, matching the side seam of the skirt.

4. Sew waistband onto skirt.

5. Sew the zipper on op of the waistband and side seam. Do your best to center the teeth along the line of the seam before. Great zipper tutorial here.

Unfortunately I don’t have a zipper foot, it still works without, but it kind of sucks;-)

6. Once you have sewn the zipper, you get to do the fun part: ripping out the seam to reveal the zipper.


I can hardly believe it, but this took me only 2 hours! I’m off to buy some more fabric;-)



//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. What a great skirt! I’m in love with black and white stripes at the moment. And i love the fact that it took only two hours.
    Niina/luovasuo recently blogged..Pääkallohupia

  2. Just wonderfull !!
    Elise recently blogged..DIY : Guirlande de fanions Liberty

  3. Wow, it looks great! Makes me wanna sew a skirt for myself :-)

  4. Great work Sibylle and it looks sooo easy (is it actually that easy???) I’d love to try this out, love love love the result!
    Eleni | My Paradissi recently blogged..White silence

  5. Whoa it looks so polished! If I had followed the exact same procedure, my skirt would look like a striped dishrag :P Great job!
    Deepa | Currystrumpet recently blogged..Fashion first: the one-piece jumpsuit

  6. nooo it wouldnt!!! lol

  7. The skirt looks lovely, so do the pictures!
    Svenja recently blogged..sonntagsfein

  8. Soooo fun! looks awesome!
    lebenslustiger recently blogged..SoLebIch

  9. This is INCREDIBLE, I’m so sad I can’t buy it as I’m AWFUL at sewing!!

    Becky @ x

  10. Love this! I’ve been wanting to make something like this… What type of material did you use? You stated it had been originally bought to make curtains so I’m just curious as to the type of fabric?

  11. I love this skirt it is so stylish! It looks awesome for your first try on a skirt!
    Trisha recently blogged..Color Combo: Aqua and Coral

  12. This is simply adorable!! I love the proportion and I LOVE those stripes!
    Shannon at madiganmade recently blogged..Update an Old Lamp with Paint

  13. How much fabric did you start with? And what is the waistband? I love this skirt so much and am hoping to make one. Thank you!

    • I think i started with 2 meters. Not sure exactly. I pleated it onto my dress form and then cut the fabric, that was too much (i think i cut about 20cm). The waistband is the same fabric.

  14. Sibylle,

    Did you hem the bottom of the skirt, and if so did you do before or after you completed the skirt?

  15. I love your skirt!!
    I know it’s been a while since you published this post but could you tell me where did you find this fabric? I’m desperatly looking for it and I can’t find it!

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