Ping Pong Floating Candles

September 20, 2012 |  by  |  Blog, DIY, Home & Decor

Hi Ya!

Has fall arrived yet? Here it hasn’t, we are still in the 30°C‘s/86 °F and if it was for me, it could be like that all year around, don’t need the cold..naww!

I had these ping pong balls at home, bought them a while ago, I didn’t really had a specific idea what to do with them, just thought that one day I might put them to good use.


I know, this is a little silly, to attach plastic animals to them…, but I just wanted some color…, Funkytime without color wouldn’t be Funkytime!


Glass Bowl from here. | Plastic animals from here. |Neon yellow paint from here. |Neon pink thread from here.

1. Punch a hole into the ping pong ball.

2. Run a piece of neon string through it and make a knot.

3. Cut half of the ping pong ball off.

4. Take a tea light and crumble it. Fill the crumbles into the ‘half ping pong ball’ and don’t forget the wick.

5. Spray paint the plastic animals.

6. Attach a plastic animal to the neon thread.

7. Fill glass cylinder bowl with water and let the candles swim!

 Other cool things you can do with ping pong balls:

… a pendant light, love it, and such beautiful colors!

… a necklace  (made by Naftali, yes we have crafty men out there!)



… a ping pong ball chandelier.

… a clutter busting game!



That’s it for today! Hope you enjoy, even if it’s silly!


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. Very CUUUUUTE idea, that’s so funny and brilliant, love your little animals :-)
    Monsterscircus recently blogged..DIY your own fall art

  2. This is hilarious! I love the idea of attaching them to little animals – this would be a great centerpiece for a party!
    Jenny recently blogged..Under the sea

  3. I love the glittered rims, and thank you for the love…
    Bohemian Style recently blogged..Trending : Neano Milano (Neon in Milan)

  4. they look great, with and without the animals! very stylish and novel!
    Stephanie@Henry Happened recently blogged..recipe | Homemade Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

  5. just a side note ping pong balls are flammable so don’t use them for candles outside a water situation!

  6. Wow, how cute is that!!I can see how my little one will love these! I might make a bunch of these floating candles using some of her favorite plastic toys and use them as centerpieces for her upcoming birthday party!

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