Glückspilz Cake

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For all non-German readers, ‘Glückspilz’ directly translated means ‘Lucky Mushroom’. For some people, the street light is always green. They find money on the sidewalk on a regular basis…

Glueckspilz Cake

The shoes they want to buy are always available in their size… In Germany, those are the lucky mushrooms – or “Glückspilze.” It may not sound that flattering, but if you are the one with the never-ending streak of luck, you won’t mind one bit!


Glueckspilz Cake

That’s why I call this cake Glückspilz Cake, I made it for the new year. Some of you might have seen it already in my Magazine.

Glueckspilz Cake

▲Plum Cake Recipe▲



65g butter

220ml milk

400g plain flour

1 packet (7g) dry yeast

1 large egg

A pinch of salt

Seeds of 1 vanilla bean *I used vanilla sugar

65g sugar

2kg plums, stones removed, quartered


Glueckspilz Cake


Make it:

1. Warm milk and butter in a pot until milk dissolves.
2. Place all other ingredients into a bowl (but the plums), add the warm melted milk/butter mixture and mix by hand until smooth.

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XOXO, Sibylle

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. Oh my YUMmyness.. brilliant this one. got me craving already

  2. where are the mushroom toppers from?

  3. It does look amazing, but I just want to eat the mushroom toppers! Who am I kidding, it all looks good.

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