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January 17, 2013 |  by  |  Submission

A flip book full of kisses is the best idea for a gift. The steps are simple and all you need is your best mood!


Step 1:

Put on your favourite red lipstick and take a photo of yourself sending kisses. Print multiple copies of the photo.

I used  photo frame with dimensions 4×6” and printed two copies of the same photo on each.



Step 2:

Stick (or draw) hearts. Increase the number of hearts on the different photo copies.


Step 3:

Bind the photos and flip them. A small movie of kisses is on!



I also binded the photos by punching two holes on the side and tied it together with ribbon.

By Art for Joy

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. Super niedliche Idee, wär ich nicht drauf gekommen :) Danke für die Inspiration!

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