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I meant to post this for a while now, because it was a Christmas present for my dad. I took some pictures along the way for you to try it as well. It’s fun!


concrete lamp


you will need

 Paper Letter from here | Neon waxed yarn from here

I did not have a lamp fitting, but I had an Ikea lamp I didnt need, and so I kind of destroyed it;-)

How to:

how to


▼ First you cut the back of your paper mache letter, so you are able to fill the concrete into the letter. Cut a hole at the bottom for the wire.

▲ Mix the concrete, 1:1 (if not described different on package). I always use a little bit less water, then it dries faster.

▼ Cut a hole for the lamp fitting on top and lay some plastic wrap over it (or some thin paper), so no concrete flows into the fitting.

▲ Fill 1/3 of the letter with concrete.

▼ Lay the fitting into the letter. Run the wire through the hole. (See no.2)

▲ Fill the rest of the concrete into the letter.

▼ Let dry over night.

▲ You might want to lay books or something heavy next to the letter, so it keeps the shape (the cardboard will get wet and softer).

▼ Carefully remove cardboard the next day. Screw in the bulb. Wrap the wire with neon thread to give it some pop!


concrete lamp


If you want to do something smaller, try this!

concrete lamp


concrete lamp




//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. amazing! as everything you post!

  2. Great Sibyle!!! Lovely!! :) Kisses from Argentina to you! :)
    lau recently blogged..{52 semanas}

  3. Wow, how original and unique! What an amazing idea!

  4. This is so cool! I definitely need to try this especially since the bf is really into heavy objects (I know. Funny, right?).
    Connie | Daydream In Color recently blogged..{Wish I Was Wed} Christina Empedocles

  5. sybille – I am a lover of your blog and find so much inspiration from when I come here — which is def hard to maintain!For this one,love the idea as usual, great to get ideal and adapt them to our needs, desire, personal style. Would say, this reminds me a bit of a religious emblem…the T being cross like and all, but regardless your ingenuity and creativity keeps me coming back to your blog! Your commitment to sharing ideas and craft is astounding…how you have the time to do it all is truly inspiring! defo keep it up girly!
    Joy x

    • Oh, thanks Joy! It’s not intended to be some religious thing at all;-) It’s the initial of my dad. I’m not baptised, my kids are not baptised either (Iam sure that makes our family look like ‘ evil lost souls’ to some people now);-) Thanks so much for the heads up!

  6. Wonderful post and DIY!!!

    You ROCK!!!

    Or should we say you… CONCRETE!??? :D


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