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I’ve been working on some bags lately and thought, I would make a tutorial, so whoever likes to get crafty with leather and loves neon, this is for you!

Black Leather Bag


Since my brother gave me a cool handmade leather iPad sleeve for Christmas, I caught the ‘leather bug’! Since then I’ve been searching Etsy for some funky leather clutches, but could not find any. I was also not patient enough to wait for my brother to make more bags (he also has a day job..and he is making a leather couch right now), definitely no luck there… so then a couple of weeks ago, I read a little, gathered all the materials and started to make bags (haven’t stopped since..) ;-)


you will need




how to 1

1. I wanted the bag to be roughly as big as my iPad, so I traced around it and added 2cm allowance on each side.

2. Cut out the leather.

3. The shorter end has to be slightly longer then the zipper.

4. Take the fabric you want to use for the inside (I used satin) and cut it to the same size as the leather. *adding a liner is optional

5. Iron a fold at the edge of the fabric to have a clean edge. Lay leather and satin on top of each other.

6. Glue the zipper in place. Sew the zipper, use a leather needle.

how to 2

7. If you don’t have glue, you can pin the zipper, but sometimes you will see the needle marks, and it is so much easier, if you glue it.

8. After sewing the zipper on to both short sides, turn the bag inside out, so the satin is outside and sew along the edges. Leave one side open!


how to 3


10. Cut another leather piece, the ‘handle’, about 10cm long and 2cm wide. (Or a little wider then your hand)

11./12. Sew the handle in the middle of the bags side by hand. *optional: punch holes into the leather handle, so it is easier to sew by hand

13. Cut and slide the foam padding between leather and satin on one side. I left the other side as is.

14. Sew a strap, either from leather or a ribbon on the inside of the bag where the zipper starts. (see photos).

15. Pound the edges with a hammer. Lay fabric in between, so you don’t end up with marks on the leather.



Black Leather Bag


Black Leather Bag


Black Leather Bag


This took about 3 hours. If you don’t have the time or patience to do one on your own, you can also buy it in our [Pop Up Store], which is officially open today!


enter pop up store


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. How awsome is that! Just love leather bags, very nice tutorial, thank you. Have a happy day!

  2. Oh my god, that clutch is just so pretty! I’m Sure it would take me more like 10 hours, but still! I could do it with vegan leather!! Yay! Thank you so much for that inspiration!
    xo Zoe

  3. What are you doing in picture #9? There is no instruction in the list to go with it. The clutch is very cool, and so are your nails. :)
    Nancy recently blogged..All You Need is Love…Right?

  4. LOL I like how its called a no sew clutch on Babble and like 8 out of 15 steps are sewing haha. It’s super cute, and a good idea though! I Love it. Although, I am confused as to why theres a photo of step 9 but no step 9 listed?

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