Design your own Bed Sheets

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Are you crafty? Sure you are, you are reading this blog;-) Are you crafty enough to make your own bed sheets?! Heck yes! Sewing bed sheets is probably the easiest thing to do! Even the not-sew-crafty people can do that, even my 11 year old son can sew straight;-) But before we start sewing, we need to make our own design of course! So it will be really authentic, a one-of-a-kind bed sheet!

Bed Sheets DIY

I made the design in Photoshop. I made the document size really big, and 300dpi, so it’s really sharp when printed on a large surface. After all, the sheets are 2 meter long each. After that I uploaded my design here and got it printed on wonderful soft pure cotton fabric. (Thanks so much Stoff-Schmiede, for sponsoring the fabric!)

Next step was to sew!

how to



how to

☁ Cut the fabric to the right size (200cmx90cm plus 4cm allowance on each side!)

☁ Lay the white and the printed fabric on top of each other, the printed piece faced down. So after sewing, you turn it inside out to reveal the printed side.

☁ Sew the two long sides and one short side.

☁ Leave approx. 50cm open (see image below)


leave open


Just sew a hem on each layer of fabric, so you have a nice edge. There are more detailed instructions on how to sew your own bed sheets here. (I suck at explaining!)

☁ Secure the edge of where the opening starts and ends with a cross stitch.


Bed Sheets


Then you can give it as a present- or not! ;-) But it is indeed pretty for a present!


Bed Sheets DIY


If you not comfortable doing your own design, you can use my design. I called them Elmer & Else (they actually really existed, born in 1949, a pair of real-life robotic “tortoises” who could avoid obstacles and exhibit signs of artificial intelligence, created by Dr. Grey Walter, a neuroscientist!)


Robots Bed Sheets Robots


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. this is such a cool idea!!! super-fantastic!
    frau s.

  2. Danke Stefi:-)

  3. you are like BEYOND awesome!
    the end.
    Lisa @hoopla palooza recently team milano cookies

  4. <3 Another fantastic project ! I love it :D
    Aminta recently blogged..Are you being YOU ?

  5. This is awesome, what a fun idea! I could get in serious trouble with this.
    Kelly @ Studio DIY recently blogged..Happy Weekend!

  6. Sibylle, it’s wonderful!!!! I love them both!

  7. Toootal Cool! Super Idee auch zum verschenken! Danke für die Inspiration :)

  8. can i ask, which sewing machine are you using?
    I have a similar project i am planning for the summer but i have about zero understanding of sewing machines.

  9. …this is soooo cool…i am thinking of making my own bed linen for quite a while, but never thought of printing the fabric…this opens a whole new world…thanks a lot for sharing, sibylle…ich bin begeistert und muss gleich mal schauen, was du sonst noch so tolles machst…liebe grüße…silke

  10. I want to print my bedhseet,my deisgn ideas are ready but how will i design it on software like what size i have to take for the pillow and bedsheet i have no idea pls help..then i need u guys to print it….pls need help..

    • you have to print it with for example The size is the actual bedsheet and pillow size. So in your design programm, you have to make a document with the size 200x90cm (for a single cover), and for the pillow for example 90cmx90cm.

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