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Today we have something super cool! A husband and wife project, called ‘Origrami‘ ! I like this especially, because I’ve done husband and wife projects in the past and doing one now.

Origrami is husband @mimery and wife @zozomum and what they do:


They take all your awesome Instagram pictures and print them Polaroid style or on a 1.27-meter-long roll of film! And no matter where in the world you are, they always ship for free!

film roll

And lucky you, they give away 5 Origamis! So 5 of you can win an Origrami.


All you have to do is:

Leave a comment on this post telling me: If you were doing a husband & wife (girlfriend/boyfriend) project, what would it be?
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THE RULES : This giveaway ends at 11:59pm GMT+1 on Tuesday, March 12,  2013.  The winner will be selected by random.org and will have 48 hours to respond to our notification email before another winner is selected. Open worldwide!
Good luck to everybody!

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. First off, I am not a wife nor do I have a husband….but if I could do a ‘single lady’ and her ‘loverboy’ project mine would be something related either musically or visually. Maybe a new music demo or a video blog series.

    Love this Origrami idea!
    Good for them!
    And keep up the great work Sibylle!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity!!
    With my boyfriend, we are trying writing a book… ^^

  3. I already read elsewhere about this idea and love it. I was just waiting for an opportunity to buy a package. But winning would be even better! I think in my case a new website would be a great project. He would do all the coding and I would do the rest :)! Thanks for this great give away!

  4. This project is beautiful! I like it so much!
    My boyfriend and I have a little stationery eshop, Mermelade.com

  5. My boyfriend and are are crafty people. For a project we would do something with photos and a canvas or paint.

    Love this giveaway, will be sharing it on fb!

  6. I would probably open an Ecs-Tube account (name changed on purpose :P)

  7. I would like to colaborate with my husband with my photography and his absrract paintings to make contemporary screen prints! We have been thinking about how it could work for a while :)

  8. My boyfriend and I just did my website together, does that count as a project?
    One day I would like to an analog photo-project together: First he shoots the whole film, but one half of each photo is protected, so that it does not expose. Than we put the film in again, I shoot it again, with the other half of the film protected. I can imagine, that there would be some nice photos.

    I would love to win an Origrami. I liked the fb-pages and tweeted (@ponyhut) it.

  9. Also a single one here but pictures for sure

  10. My boyfriend and I recently completed a big project -she’s kind of hard to top but we’d love to renovate a house.

  11. Oh wow – that is amazing!
    My boyfriend and I made an analogue video together, I did the filming he made the music, have a look here: https://vimeo.com/60965885
    And we are working on more videos to come :)

  12. this giveaway is awesome. i would love to win.
    my boyfriend and i are doing a project. we take a picture of our little family every sunday. one day these pictures will end in an book!

  13. I would love to win this, what fun! Right now we are working on a pallet project, where you put nails in a design and use string to make your shape. I’ve seen them done all over the Internet and want to do one with my husband.

  14. i pinned it!
    Kristina recently blogged..Wenn ich groß bin…

  15. I liked both FB pages and tweeted about it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. i tweeted it!
    Kristina recently blogged..Piff Paff Pouf

  17. i shared it on facebook!
    Kristina recently blogged..Piff Paff Pouf

  18. I think, if my husband and me would do something together, it would be an organic-farm-kindergarten :-) I liked both sites on FB.

  19. Coolness! With my boyfriend/husband, we’re planning to make lots and lotsa photobooks of our foodography! :)

    Aim Aris

  20. Love this company, and this contest. I think what I would do is give myself a makeover, and those would be my photos…of me!

  21. This Origrami is such a great idea!

    (I liked both pages on FB)

  22. Hey Sibylle,
    it is so so so great… I read about it yesterday at Luzia Pimpinella`s Blog and felt in love with…
    So win it would be even better than buy it by myself ;-)

    Our next “boyfriend & me project” will be our big fat wedding in August. We still share different tasks and to dos for our special day… Does this count? ;-)

    And let me tell you once more: I love your fresh and juicy blog!

    Happy, sunny greets from Cologne
    Jules kleines Freudenhaus recently blogged..“oh monday” oder warum ich jetzt Montage liebe inkl. GIVEAWAY

  23. … and I tweeted about this great Giveaway here:

    Jules kleines Freudenhaus recently blogged..“oh monday” oder warum ich jetzt Montage liebe inkl. GIVEAWAY

  24. Creating is always very rewarding and doing it with your spouse is very gratifying. I can think of many things but the most exciting moment for me is when the idea takes shape, and we go hunt for the supplies, talking back and forth about how the result is going to turn out!

  25. I like you and Orgami on FB

  26. I love Instagram and this project is so cool. With my parter I believed I would do some easy technology for everyone :-) . Hope to be lucky!

  27. i shared this great idea on facebook :-)
    thanks for telling us about it.

  28. We would love to open a cup cake & flower shop <3

  29. I love polaroids and love this :-) so I like to enter. I am doing lots of projects, so far none involving the husband, I could try with a series of portraits, 1 a week every week for a whole year. One taking a portrait of the other and let the other see them only at the end of the year.
    s t e f a N i a recently blogged..I BUTTERFLY

  30. If we did a project together, it would be a travel blog

  31. No husband, no boyfriend BUT I would really love to create a photographic project if I had one. Like creating a series of pictures with the same person but in places all around the world :)

  32. Love this giveaway! If my husband and I were to do a project together, we would probably make a travel guide to Michigan (where we both grew up and love to vacation), complete with hand drawn maps, insider tips, the best fishing spots, and secret getaways!
    Melanie Walter recently blogged..My First Brush with Illustrator

  33. If I were doing a husband & wife (girlfriend/boyfriend) project it would be photographs with music. A song for each moment, frozen on each picture or a song for a range of photographs.

  34. This is fantastic !! I would do the polaroids and paste them all over our studio wall :D … love it

  35. Ohh, that would be perfect for my parents’ wedding anniversary.
    They have her wife&husband project already managed: Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

  36. groovy!

  37. I have a project with my partner, and the best and most successful kind it is: our little daughter Florence!

  38. What I would like to do is have pictures made of my outings with my husband. We love going out to eat or just hanging out at a hole in the wall type bar. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :]

  39. Hello Sibylle,

    ich hab jetzt lange überlegt was ich mit meinem Mann für ein Gemeinsames Projekt machen möchte – und da wir schon so lange nichts mehr gemeinsames gemacht haben – würde ich ihn einpacken und mit ihm eine Flohmarkt Tour durch Europa machen
    ( Er wäre zwar nicht begeistert , ich aber um so mehr.
    Liebe Grüße

  40. We would do a photo series, taking photos of the same thing to see how we’re different.

  41. I am doing a husband & wife project! We run our own company for many years now and this is great (most of the time ;-) )
    Frau Süd recently blogged..Top of the Pops

  42. I tweeted about this great giveaway!
    Frau Süd recently blogged..Top of the Pops

  43. And I shared via Facebook!
    Frau Süd recently blogged..Top of the Pops

  44. Love this give a way. Liked it and tweeted! Now finally spring is in the air. My boyfriend and I start our project the edibel garden in our small garden. We start with lettuce and radish.

  45. My soon-to-be-husband and I have a joint graphic design studio, and we are about to buy our first house – i’m sure there will be an abundance of projects connected with it!!!

  46. Hey what an awesome giveaway – and fab products:) If I were to do a husband/wifey project, it would be restoring old furniture – good for the environment, great fun to source the stuff, and I just love up cycling.
    Fingers Xxx – I’d adore having some of my instagrams printed.
    Anya recently blogged..Spec*tacular

  47. I think my fiance and I would have a top-notch blog. Other than that, we’re always kicked around the idea of a musical duo.

  48. And the FB of Origrami!!

  49. I think opening up a cafe or small restaurant would be kind of a fun project to do. I’d say include a bookstore in there too but I don’t want to come off as wannabe hipsterish so I’m just going to leave it at that. haha
    Haylee recently blogged..Tips & Tricks for the Beginner.

  50. My boyfriend and I are wedding photographers – a fun ‘project’ that we work on together all the time! We also love doing anything crafty together such as making holiday gifts for our friends.

  51. We were just talking about this! Definitely a vintage/camera store!

  52. I would love to work on a photography business with my boy.

  53. A hubby and wife project! Xoxo thank you!

    Liked you both via Heather Paulding
    Heather Paulding recently blogged..Group Giveaway with Des {$200 Target GC}

  54. My boyfriend is a skydiver and we’d love to jump together while I film him doing crazy stunts. We can make videos for his parents that would scare the pants off of them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. This is such a lovely idea!

    My duo would be live animation and storytelling. One would be in charge of bringing the story to life via visuals, the other through their words.

    Pinned: http://pinterest.com/steviehopwood/products-i-love/

  56. we’re making a photobook of our 1st year as a married couple:)

  57. My husband and I did our letterpress wedding invitations together…if we had time, I would love to do more joint letterpress projects.

  58. I think if my fiancee and I teamed up to do something, it would be super goofy, nerdy, geeky, and fun. We both like playing board games (he LOVES playing computer games, too), so I’m sure we would create a fun game to play with couples. It might also involve having to take pictures!

  59. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I think my hubby and I would probably sell furniture made from pallet wood. We’ve done a lot of it for our own home, so it would probably be a good real-life project!

  60. My boyfriend and I would love to take pics of our towns interesting places to put together a pic book and/or scrapbook to show the kids.

  61. Shared on facebook with my daughter.

  62. I am a wedding coordinator and my husband is a DJ. I would like to do a video of our work and collaborate on it.

    Tawnee – Urban Shindigs

  63. I would love to collaborate with my boyfriend on an audio story (podcast) which involves me sourcing the story and him engineering the sound effects and music. I like funkytime & Origrami on facebook!

  64. My husband and I do home improvement projects together. We have replumbed our home, built a shed, painted and installed floors. It is so much fun to work with my best friend.

    I liked Funkytime and Origrami on Facebook.

  65. Nadine Diamante

    A small agricultural business, most probably :) We’ve been interested in entering one!

  66. My hubs and I are writing a book together!

  67. Nadine Diamante

    I liked both pages on FB!

    I also tweeted.

    Here’s the link : https://twitter.com/NadineDiamante/status/309119577323868160

  68. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to make a stop animation film with my boyfriend.

  69. we would do something that has to do with the grandkids being outdoors and nature

  70. How brilliant is Origrami.. My fiance and I are working on an instagram colloage canvas. The project we have began is creating http://www.orpenfilms.com – Cinematic, filmmakers, in love – using what makes you…. you….. to create compelling films with a little edge. We would love to create wedding films, telling the couples story of love and how they got to “this point” – the wedding.. this would allow for me to live my dream of being a film maker as well as I get to work with the most talented creative I know :)

  71. I love to host and meet new people. She does too, and also loves to cook marvelous delicacies. So we would pick a secret, mystical location… maybe deep in a forrest, where the son dances momentarily over a small breakfast table. And there our lucky guests would arrive, meet their hosts, and sit down to a hearty meal mixed with laughter and the belief in dreams.

  72. We are planning a transatlantic photo blog as visual documentation of the following two years:I will be working in Canada and she in Germany. The giveaway would be perfect to print the first pictures!

  73. Unattached at the moment, but my dream is to illustrate a children’s book, so it would be awesome to have a hand in brainstorming what it could be about :)
    Robyn recently blogged..Some Tips on Designing More Sustainably

  74. I’ve liked Origrami on Facebook :)
    Robyn recently blogged..Some Tips on Designing More Sustainably

  75. And have also liked Funkytime :)
    Robyn recently blogged..Some Tips on Designing More Sustainably

  76. I have also tweeted about the competition (my handle is @caperobin) :)

    @caperobin: “AMAZING @Origrami Giveaway! Enter on the @Funkytime blog! :D http://Fun.kyti.me/index.php/2013/03/origrami-giveaway/
    Robyn recently blogged..Some Tips on Designing More Sustainably

  77. we’re trying to build a home, our home!<3

  78. Hello,

    I may not have a boyfriend or husband so would create a project with my goddaughter who’s nearly two. She’s a lover of nature and being outside, I photograph all our days out and activities together. If I was to win, I’d give her the Origrami book for her birthday if not I’m still going to buy one so in the future she can look back on the adventures she had with her godmother.

    I have pinned & tweeted (@ratchpatch) and liked both your pages on facebook. An added bonus sent the link round the studio.

    Thanks and keep inspiring xx

  79. I already read elsewhere about origrami and love it. I am just waiting for our US-trip in april to order a package. But winning would be even better!
    I think in my case a own Online-shop would be a great project. He would do all the coding and I would do the rest! This give away is great!

  80. I have also shared your amazing giveaway on Facebook

    (See http://www.facebook.com/robyn.mitchell.75641)
    Robyn recently blogged..Some Tips on Designing More Sustainably

  81. I pinned the fabulous project and facebooked it!

    I would love to do a project with my boyfriend! He does amazing illustrations that no one gets to see. I would love to take his line drawings and use my textile background to turn them into stitched drawings. A series of them would be magical!

    Surprising him with the origrami giveaway would be too fun!

  82. I don’t know if it counts as a “project” but we would love to open a coffee shop together. :)
    I had already liked Funkytime on facebook, I liked Origrami too. :)

  83. Hmm. We’d do something design/art related. Maybe a line of baby t-shirts. (Though maybe we should start with organizing our craft corner…)

  84. (Liked Origrami on Facebook.)

  85. (Already like Funkytime on Facebook. Does that count?)

  86. In two week we ll move back to vienna – huge project :)
    What a great giveaway! Thanks!


  87. We are completely remodeling our kitchen…ceiling to floor and everything in between! Lots of dust!

  88. Awesome giveaway! I’m so going to do this for my wedding photos (when I am getting married). The perfect husband and wife project would be going out exploring a nice laid back part for a day with a analog camera each and we will develop and frame then hang the photos up in our living room. But I guess I wont wait that long I will probably drag my boyfriend to do it :p

    Liked both pages and also shared it!

  89. I think we would open a traditional food restaurant.

  90. Just tweeted about it @microbiopurses

  91. Just shared on FB @microbio Helena

  92. Love this! My husband and I had several projects together…
    mmmm… fall in love, building a house (design on me, we both build a little bit) making children… Oké, not what you mean I think? Then this; lovely Children furniture for Mies&Moos (design by me, he maked it) project. Around the house we have a lot projects together, I design and he makes, so joyfull! When I win I will origrami my wall with a lot of old and new pictures! (we painted the walls and the’re very ‘clean’ without some lovely rememberings…

  93. well, the perfect project is our beautiful girl :-)

  94. If I could do any project with my hubby it would be to open a limited menu coffee shop.

  95. it wouldnt be the first time me and my boyfriend will do a project together.. usually he makes music for my films project… and we often help each other with criticism about our projects.. (he is a musician and i’m on my way to become a graphic designer..)
    but i would really love to make a long video clip to one of his music bands..

    finding your site made my weak (i’m before doing my final project, and all i want to do are DIY stuff!)

  96. I cook, he works on computers – it would be fun to plan some sort of kitchen app together.

  97. Shared on Facebook!

  98. That’s a tough question! I’m not married, but I think a business where I got to be creative and he did all the business stuff I don’t like ;-) ha!
    I “like” Origrami & Funkytime on Facebook!

  99. Those are great! My husband and I actually already run a project together. ‘Museum140′ (www.museum140.com) aims to bring together museums and museum lovers through fun and engaging social media projects. Our most successful project to date is ‘Adopt-a-Museum’, which aims to put some of the lesser known hidden museum gems in to the spotlight.

  100. I would do a husband / wife take on a travel guide- two different perspectives on famous cities!

  101. A partner project? A a weekly challenge: take one picture every week with a given theme, for one year. Print the he/she result on the origrami cards, on one side her result, on the other side his result.

  102. My boyfriend and I are working on a cosplay project for our favorite video game…we are creating a big daddy and little sister from Bioshock :]

  103. husband/wife furniture restoration. more like finding old pieces, taking them a part and putting things back together in a new creative way. this is actually one of my goals one day. with or without the hubby (;

  104. Awesome giveaway! my bofriend and i are planning a photo blog for the next 2 years. he will work in canada and i will work in germany. i would really love to print some pictures from our project, because the time without the other will be very hard, i think.

  105. Hi, if I could do a bgr project, it’ll be a polaroid project! Taking photos of anything & everything with film instead of digital because I think it’s a different take on instagram (as much as my man & I loves insta!)
    HOpe I win xx

  106. If we were doing a husband and wife project, my husband and I would be planning our restaurant. I’m in culinary school, and he’s a comp sci major, so we have plans to open a restaurant a few years down the road. :)

  107. I tweeted it. :) @katebme57

  108. I shared it on Facebook. :) Katie C.

  109. Es buenísimo porque saco a mi hija de su depresión, muchas gracias.


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