Mexican Concrete Tiles

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Do you have a weakness for tiles like me? I love all kinds of tiles, especially from Mexico. Though since it’s quite a travel to the West Coast from here, I tried to bring a little bit of Mexico into my own home by making and painting my own tiles.

You will need:

► Concrete Mix/ Plaster of Paris

► Plastic molds or DIY cardboard molds

► Acrylic paint (white and blue)

► Sealer

Concrete Tiles | Funkytime

How to:

► Prepare your molds. I used cardboard, I cut out a rectangular piece and taped the boarders onto that piece.

► Mix the concrete or plaster of Paris until it is a thick paste.

► Pour the concrete/ plaster of Paris into your molds, about 2cm high.

►  Let it dry according to the instructions on the packaging.

Concrete Tiles | Funkytime


► The concrete was gray, so to have a better base I painted it white with acrylic paint.

► Choose your pattern and with a small brush paint it onto the tile.

► Let everything dry and seal it with a sealer for acrylic paint.

Concrete Tiles | Funkytime


I personally liked the concrete better, it just looked more like a tile and it was nicer to paint, the color holds really well too. When  you finished with your tiles, you can use them for a bunch of things, as coasters, for example, or you can really paint so many, that you can tile your kitchen backsplash. Endless possibilities…



Concrete Tiles | Funkytime

Concrete Tiles | Funkytime


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. These are so pretty. When I was in Turkey I saw some tiles like this and wanted to take them home, but they worked out at about £30 each!

  2. They turned out so lovely :) Would love to try making these myself

  3. Love the concept. I wonder if it could be scaled down as it would make a really cute pendant.

  4. How pretty is that… I am in love with spanish/mexican stuff… and of course it is far away! I never thought about doing it myself! But yeah, why not!
    Thanks a lot!

    Love from fat-cat-connection
    Birdy recently blogged..Wir sind langsame Denker… II

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