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If there’s one home accessory I love, it’s a nice lamp… the right lighting makes your place just so much more enjoyable. Of course, this passion comes at the expense of my poor wallet. That’s why I want to show you an easy DIY on how to fancy up your 90’s floor lamp for only 3 Euro.  All extra materials you’ll need to recreate it can be found at your local stationary store.


DIY Copper Lamp | Funkytime

You will need:

► Old Floor Lamp

► Highgloss Metallic Paper

► White cardboard

► Painter’s tape & paper glue


before and after


How to:

First steps….

1. Remove the old lampshade and measure the length (the bottom).

2. Unroll the metallic paper and transfer the length of the old lampshade to the metallic paper.

3. Cut.

4. Once you have cut the metallic paper, lay it on top of the white cardboard, trace around it, cut it.

5. Take only the white cardboard and and form a cylinder, glue the two short sides together with painter’s tape.

6. Before the lampshade had a cone shape, and the the metal attachments on the lamp stand were bent at an angle, about 80 degrees. I didn’t like the cone, I wanted a cylinder shape,   so I had to bend the metal attachments to a 90 degree angle.

how to


Next steps:

7. Attach the white cardboard shade to the stand. Mine is held with little screws. Looks pretty good already.

8. Remove the lampshade and wrap the metallic paper/foil around it.

9. To attach it to the white cardboard, glue the foil with glue, I used paper glue.

10. Take a little piece of wire and pinch the holes for the screws (that hold the shade) from inside the lampshade.

11. Screw the shade to the stand again. Finished!

howt to


DIY Copper Lamp | Funkytime


DIY Copper Lamp | Funkytime


DIY Copper Lamp | Funkytime


There is another project I did, a garment rack out of copper pipes and concrete. So if you like this one, you should check it out.

Happy DIYing!


//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. This is WONDERFUL! Both easy and inexpensive, great way to revamp an old lamp. Thank you for the tutorial and enjoy the week:-)
    monsterscircus recently blogged..DIY copper centerpiece

    • Thank you:-) it already looked nice with the white shade. Could take a sharpie and draw some patterns… Endless possibilities;-)

  2. I love this!!! It look so good!

  3. Great tutorial! A simple idea but dramatic result. Spray adhesive glue might help to ensure an even finish, if the paper you’re using is very thin.


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