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There is a celebration on the blog today:

Lets party

Yes, we are going into the 4th year and how better can we celebrate then turning up the music… music that comes out of your own cardboard boombox! This doesn’t exactly play up the portability of the iPod/iPhone, but hey, it looks stylish and it’s DIYed!

iPod Cardboard Boombox | Funkytime

You will need:

► Portable Speakers (e.g. here)

► White cardboard box

► Black marker

► Scissors

► Tape

you will need


How to:

1. Lay the cardboard box flat and take a pencil.

2. Take a round object, the size of your speakers and trace around it.

3. Cut an approx. iPod sized piece of carton (I used a small piece from the back) .

4. Bent it at one end, approx. 1cm, like on the picture.

5. Slice the carton in the middle, a little bit above the speakers and slide in half way the piece of carton you just cut. This will be the stand for the iPod/iPhone.

how to


6. Turn the carton around so you can see the inside. Bent the piece of cardboard 90 degrees and tape it to the inside of the box.

7. Paint the front piece, that you bent, black.


how to


1. Punch a hole into the top part of the box. The cable, that is connected to the iPod, with run through there into the inside of the box, where your speakers will be hidden.

2. Paint the top part with buttons, knobs, etc..

3. Now we make the handle. Cut out a piece of carton, like see in this picture.

4. Slice the top of the box at two spots where the handle should go in.

5. Slide through the sliced carton like seen on picture.

6. This is how it should look so far.

7. Paint the front, be creative!

8. I drew horizontal lines onto the speakers, so when I slice them, you don’t see the cuts. Well you see them, but not very visible.


DIY Boombox | Funkytime

Connecting the speakers to your iPod:

Connecting the output of your iPod is very simple. It requires an inexpensive 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to stereo RCA cable. Simply connect the mini-jack to the headphone output jack on the iPod/iPhone and the stereo RCA cables to the analog audio input on your speakers.


DIY Boombox | Funkytime



DIY Boombox | Funkytime


This is perfect to make on a rainy day and then dance, … like no one is watching….. ;-)

We will have an awesome giveaway this week, so make sure to come back Thursday, it will be colorful!

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  1. Hey Wow! Lookie Lookie who’s Turned three! CONGRATULATIONS on tyears of much success and Best of Wishes into the fourth! As a new blogger I look to folks like you for much inspiration and learning. I thank you for continuously being here to share your knowledge and encouragement for (me) others to keep moving forward! Enjoy a well deserved celebration ;D for your years!
    *And, plenty thanks for this sweet DIY I know the TEEN will also get good use out of this as well!

    In Kindness from Canada,
    Jeanine H

  2. Hey, woulda look at that! I already sent a comment ;D
    Many Thanks again –> What a faithful reader I am ;) LOL
    Happy Days,
    Jeanine H


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