Oktoberfest Printables

September 17, 2013 |  by  |  Blog, Fall, Freebies

Yes, Oktoberfest is coming up, and so I made a freebie, in case you are not in Munich and you want to throw an ‘Oktoberfest’ in your own home, those are the right printables;-)
Anybody who doesn’t know what the Oktoberfest is all about, well, the main activity in this festival is beer drinking (in traditional costumes from Bavaria), there are consumed almost seven million liters of beer!


Oktoberfest Printable | Funkytime

The printables come in pink and light blue.

Oktoberfest | Funkytime

Oktoberfest Printables | Funkytime


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  1. these printables are so cute! I’d love to feature them in my O’zapft is! Special if that’s okay for you? unfortunately I can’t download the freebies although I’ve already subscribed to your newsletter :(
    anyway, they are beautiful…
    xo nadin

  2. Oh i love these printables, maybe i will use them for some of my recipes. But I didn’t get the link. :(

  3. I didn’t get the pop up to work, is there any other way to download these! So cute!

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