Dazzling Christmas Ornaments

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Do you like glitter as much as I do? When everything sparkles and shines I feel just right! This year we will take our Christmas tree up a notch with these sparkly, bright and easy to make Christmas baubles. Grab a can of spray paint and some glitter and follow me!

Dazzling Christmas Ornaments DIY


You will need:

// Plain Christmas baubles

// Pipe cleaners (gold & silver)

// Spray paint (I used pastellrosa & pastellblue)

// Craft glitter

// White glue

// Ribbon, crepe paper, white paper

Dazzling Christmas Ornaments DIY


How to:

Spray paint the baubles. Either use only one color or you go a little more fancy and use two. Spray paint the lower half of the bauble first, let dry for a minutes and the spray with another color the upper half. Carefully blend both colors. Let them dry for 30 minutes to be on the safe side.


Dazzling Christmas Ornaments DIY

Now there are different things you can do to decorate them:

1. Pipe cleaners: Wrap them around the bauble and twist the ends, so they hold tight. You can use just one or maybe two, wrap them in a 90 degree angle to each other…

2. Glitter: Put some glue on the lower part of the bauble, fill some glitter in a cup and just dip it in. You can also make little circles of glue all over the bauble and sprinkle glitter over them. There you have a polka dot pattern.

3. Paper streamer: Make little paper streamers (as you know them from birthday parties) that fit around the bauble. Either with simple white paper or crepe paper. You can use paper glue to hold them.

4. Ribbon:  Ribbon can be used to hide the edge of the streamers, sometimes the streamers don’t glue flat to the bauble, because the curve is to big and the streamer paper to thick.


how to
Christmas Baubles
All Photos by me for BRIGITTE
Have a great day and happy crafting!

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. I love the spray painted baubles especially the ones with a pop of neon!
    Anna recently blogged..Alternative advent calendar #3

  2. Oh my goodness hunny these are beauuuutiful!! I cannot wait to attempt a sweet re-create with the supplies we have at home! I’m sure nothing ours will not turn out as amazing as yours but thank you soo much for this cheerful glittered idea!!!
    Jeanine, Canada

  3. PS–know youre busy just wanted to let you know I used your second photo there as my wallpaper and home screen ;) Admittedly fresh obsessed with these!

  4. awesome Colours! It invites to eat the baubles. Excellent!

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