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Alright, today is my day for the 24 Merry Days of giveaways! I have the pleasure of giving away a Party pack from Grandiflora. Behind Grandiflora there is Erin from House of Earnest , she only launched her home + decor product line in November! Big thumbs up to you and hubby, I truly love everything you’ve got there!



The Party Pack includes four ‘gold bubbles’  champagne glasses, a set of 4 gold-rimmed wood appetizer plates, and set of 3 party utensils, worth about $160! This giveaway is open to readers WORLDWIDE and ends December 29, 2013 at 11:59PM PST.


How to enter:

You have up to thirty entries using the Rafflecopter below, the more tasks you do, the more times you’re entered the contest, the higher are your changes to win. First, leave a comment here on the blog telling me your favorite items form the Grandiflora Shop, this will unlock all other entries. One winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email. Please make sure to provide a valid email.
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Good luck to all of  you and merry Christmas!


(Snow animation made here!)

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. love everything, but the arya breadboard and the asta rug are stunning.

  2. My favorite product on Grandifloral online shop is SIGNE LAMP.

  3. Love the Confetti Stemless Glassware! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  4. Oh my, viv wall hooks look like jewellery! Gorgeous! And those Malena utensils look cute too!

  5. I must say i really like the octogon mirror, but the giveaway items are great. Really happy about the giveaway being worldwide!

  6. I think the appetizer plates look really rustic and cool, right up my street (:

  7. Chantelle Crawford

    The Asta Rug is divine, and definitely on my want list!

  8. Oooh, lovely! :)

    I love the Malena Appetizer Utensils and the plates – Rustic and dip-dyed in gold? YES PLEASE!
    The bread board and the striped towels wouldn’t hurt either <3

    Merry Christmas!

    Fran, Portugal

  9. The Alise Knit Throw looks so cosy!

  10. I absolutely adore the Marit mirror and the cowhide stool. What a lovely shop!

  11. I adore the octagon mirror and the lamp!

  12. I love the cowhide stool!

  13. I love the GLISTEN SQUARE CUSHION COVER :) SO adorable and festive for all year round!

  14. I love the cowhide foot stool, the bread board and the ornaments!

  15. I love the Signe Lamp!

  16. what a great giveaway!
    I love WOOD. I love Grandiflora.

    Cheers from France!

  17. I love the Asta Rug and the Marit Octagon Mirror.

  18. what a great giveaway!
    I LOVE wood. I LOVE grandiflora.

    Cheers from France!

  19. I like their pillows/holiday collection.

  20. I love the Marit Octagon Mirror. Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  21. My favourites are the MALENA APPETIZER PLATES :) they’re gorgeous! Thanks!

  22. love the signe lamp

  23. I love the striped towels!!!! all of their products are amazing though!


  25. I love the Asta rug and the bauble mercury glas bud vases, they are lovely!
    Great giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  26. i love the gold dotted champagne glasses! they match my recent wedding theme perfectly!

  27. I would bowl someone over for the Asta Rug! So graphic and cute!

  28. Nice stuff. My fav are the Essie Lanterns!

  29. I think the cowhide stool is crazy cool!

  30. Honestly, those glasses are my favorite. I’m on a major gold kick and they’re so festive for the holidays.

  31. The octagon mirror, bread board, and signe lamp!

  32. This shop was made for me!! How did I not know this before? I love confetti glassware, wooden plates, and essie lanterns! I’m getting married soon so maybe I should order anyway for my new kitchen (:

  33. I love this shop! I’m getting married soon so I would love the confetti glassware or the wooden plates for my new kitchen!!

  34. I love the lucia cowhide stool!!!!

  35. i love those dotted glasses!

  36. I would love to win this!

  37. I think my favorite is the Asta rug!

  38. I LOVE the Malena appetizer utensils! Love her shop (:

  39. The Confetti glassware is really pretty!

  40. I love the confetti glasses! They’d be great year-round!

  41. Such a beautiful shop! I love the Asta Rug. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  42. I love the gold glasses!

  43. Confetti glasses are so adorable!

  44. Oooh, it’s a toss-up between the Asta rug and the Confetti glassware… Thanks for introducing me to their collection!

  45. I love the Viv Wall Hooks.

  46. I love all of their items! I love the mercury bud vases! Thanks for the great giveaway and for introducing me to this shop. :)

  47. What a nice wee shop! Picking one favourite is difficult, but I’ll go with the Malena Appetizer Utensils. Great giveaway!

  48. Love the confetti stemless glassware!!

  49. I love the Confetti Stemless Glassware!

  50. And I love Gaelle Mercury Glass Ornaments.

  51. I’m absolutely crazy for anything wood and that Arya bread board is simply to die for, but I also love the Malena plates, and I really need new pillows for the house so I am seriously looking at those Glisten cushions.

  52. Everything is beautiful … but if I had to pick it would be the Alise Knit Throw.

    Happy Holidays!

  53. The mirror is gorgeous!

  54. One of my favs is the striped turkish towels

  55. I absolutely love the confetti stemless glassware.

  56. would love to get my hands on “CONFETTI STEMLESS GLASSWARE” :)

  57. I love love love love the giveaway package. Everything is so me. Of all the packages I have applied for, i hope this is the ONE!!!!!!!

  58. I love the Champagne glasses!!

  59. I love the Essie LaNTERNS

  60. I need all these things for my new gold/wood bar cart! They will look perfect!


  62. i love the throw, rug, towels and lanterns!

  63. Loving the Arya bread board! Beautiful shop!

  64. love the alise knit throw and the appetizer utensils! gorgeous stuff!

  65. I need the octagon mirror!

  66. I love the Asta Rug!

  67. Those wood plates are amazing!

  68. I love the essie lanterns. They would be so lovely to light my front walkway.

  69. I love, love, love the Lucia Cowhide Stool!!!

  70. i love the essie lanterns. They would be so nice to light my front walkway with.

  71. I love the octagon mirror and that Asta rug!

  72. I’m in love with these party utensils!!

  73. Oh, wow. Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the Essie lanterns, and Confetti glassware.

  74. i love the asta rug. so gorgeous!

  75. I love the CONFETTI STEMLESS GLASSWARE. How festive!

  76. i love the malena appetizer utensils and the confetti stemless glassware! gorgeous!

  77. I love the bauble mercury glass bud vases…too cute!!!!

  78. The Arya Bread Board is my fave.

  79. This is awesome. My hubby & I aren’t doing gifts this year so this would be an awesome gift to receive!!!

  80. I love the signe lamp and the confetti glassware!

  81. LOVE those glasses! The wood plates are adorable as well.

  82. I love the Mercury ornaments.

  83. Gorgeous!!!

  84. I love the Kira striped towels!

  85. The Malena plates are so great.

  86. What a great giveaway! The asta rug is so cool!

  87. The Lucia Cowhide Stool is awesome, loving the gold flecks!
    Holly B recently blogged..Christmas Giveaway | $150 Amazon Gift Card

  88. Love the confetti glasses!

  89. oh! their stuff is absolutely awesome!!! what a great giveaway :)

  90. I love the wooden plates.

  91. Love the “Marit Octagon Mirror”!

  92. gorgeous! esp love the confetti glassware, so festive!

  93. I think the Confetti glassware will make everything taste like champagne. Love!

  94. Love the Kira striped towels!

  95. Love the mercury glass ornaments!

  96. The Mercury Glass Bud Vases are gorgeous!

  97. The signe lamp is fantastic!

  98. I love the ALISE KNIT THROW! Just right for this time of year.

  99. I just love the Arya bread board!

  100. Those champagne glasses are beautiful!

  101. The knit throw looks so comfy!

  102. Asta rug! xx

  103. I love the gold Confetti Stemless Glassware. So pretty!

  104. I absolutely love the Lucia Cowhide Stool!

  105. Love the dishes & glasses!

  106. love the alise knit throw!

  107. I have been lusting after those glasses since the opening of Grandiflora!

  108. Asta rug! amazing!

  109. The confetti glassware is my favorite. I never used to like gold but recently I want everything in glittering gold!
    Val recently blogged..Eating in London: From East to West

  110. Love the confetti glassware!

  111. I love the octagon mirror!

  112. My favorite item is the Alise Knit throw! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. I love the MALENA APPETIZER PLATES :) they are so beautiful.
    Anett recently blogged..Madaras- ThePaperbirdSociety

  114. I love the lanterns and the bread board!

  115. I’m loving the confetti stemless glasses, they look fabulous!

  116. just found you through 24 merry days. Love it.

  117. Just found you through 24 days. excited!

  118. With my husband in mind, the MALENA APPETIZER UTENSILS would be perfect for us–gold for me and gorgeous wood for him!


  119. The confetti seamless glasses are so festive and cute!

  120. Love, love, love the Asta rug. But all the Grandiflora collection is beautiful.

  121. I love the Octagon mirror!

  122. gorgeous stuff! ***Fingers crossed!***
    Emily Travis recently blogged..Loving – Pom Pom Trim

  123. The confetti stemless glassware is definitely my favourite!

  124. Those Viv Wall Hooks are amazing. If only they were in stock!!
    Chelsea T recently blogged..Project : bathroom refresh

  125. love those mercury glass bud vases!
    the cape on the corner recently blogged..Gorgeous gray girls and random crazies

  126. I love the confetti glassware! So perfect for New Years!

  127. I love the arya bread board and the mercury glass ornaments!

  128. Wow, I’ve found out about so many neat shops through these giveaways! I really like the Asta Rug…it’s cold in my apt., which is making me realise I need more under foot!


  129. I love the mercury glass bud vases!

  130. Loving those Essie Lanterns. As soon as I saw them, I thought of a million ways to display them in my teeny apartment. Ugh. Love.

  131. Yes, I’m going to have to agree with all the Octagon Mirror comments and I also love the Essie Lanterns.
    Dawn Goldson Smith/Not Just A Mommy recently blogged..Unique Christmas Party Themes

  132. Great store! The octagon mirror ranks high on my list of favorites.

  133. I love this shop! The octagon mirror ranks high on my list of favorites.

  134. I love the kira striped towels!

  135. Loving the Arya Bread Board.

  136. I love the Asta Rug.

  137. My favorite is the confetti stemless glassware!

  138. I absolutely adore the Confetti Stemless Glassware!! So cute!

  139. The Kira Striped towels! Absolutely no question about it. They’re beautiful!

  140. Definitely the champagne glasses!!!!

  141. Love that octagon mirror!

  142. The confetti glasses are definitely my fav.

  143. The confetti glasses are so cute!

  144. The Asta rug’s got all the right stuff. Can’t forget the floors!

  145. I love the confetti glassware and the Kira towels!

  146. the confetti glassware is my fave.

  147. The confetti glasses are my fav!

  148. I love it all! I want the Marit Octagon Mirror!!

  149. Beautiful shop! I love the kira striped towels :)

  150. I like the Malena Appetizer Utensils.

  151. Those champagne glasses are adorable!

  152. Love the bread board and the octagon mirror!

  153. I love the confetti glassware.

  154. I love the plates. They are such a beautiful set.

  155. LOVE the MARIT OCTAGON MIRROR! would look lovely in my entry way.

  156. my favorite thing is the champagne glasses!

  157. Favorite product: definitely the Malena appetizer plates

  158. Oh wow, the confetti glassware is just adorable!

  159. I loooove all of the tableware!

  160. I LOVE the CONFETTI STEMLESS GLASSWARE… matches my Kate Spade dishes!

  161. Cowhide stool is by far my fav!!

  162. Absolutely awesome wood plates!! <3

  163. I love the octagon mirror! So much!

  164. Love the Lucia cowhide stool!

  165. oooh i really love the wooden flatware!!

  166. I’m a big fan of the Signe Lamp!
    Jessica Thiessen recently blogged..52 Lists // No.19: Known

  167. I love the confetti glasses.

  168. Alise Knit Throw

  169. I love the alise knit throw! so pretty.

  170. the asta rug is so pretty!

  171. The gold rimmed wood plates are beautiful

  172. Ouh!!!! Gold!!! so pretty!

  173. beautiful table & what a gift!! love this contest and right at Christmas!! FUN……

  174. Love the Confetti Stemless Glassware.

  175. I ADORE the Merit Octagon Mirror!

  176. I love the glassware! Thanks for the chance to win!

  177. I’ve been so excited for the Grandiflora website to open! I love the Arya bread board the most, but everything is so cute.

  178. those striped towels, octagon mirror, and gold spotted glasses. love!

  179. Oh my lord – I am fizzing with excitement over this giveway – especially since I can enter it even though i’m all the way down here in little New Zealand!

    I love the Alise Knit Throw and the Arya Bread Board.

  180. I love the glisten rectangular cushion but I have to admit that the confetti flutes are my fave.

  181. I would love to get my hands on those Essie Lanterns!!

  182. The Clovis Nutcracker is awesome.

    Thanks for such a neat giveaway!

  183. The Signe Lamp is oh so stylish and would look amazing in our lounge.


  184. Is it wrong to want to design an entire kitchen around those gold Malena serving utensils?? Gorgeous!

  185. I love the Alise Knit throw!!

  186. That cowhide stool is kinda amazing. Gorgeous addition to my living room.

  187. Love those gold and wood utensils!

  188. Love the appetizer plates

  189. I’ve seen the Lucia Cowhide Stool before… and still love it now!

  190. Such beautiful things! What a great giveaway!

  191. My faves are the confetti stemless glassware that you have highlighted at the bottom of your post and are located in the shop here:

    Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for hosting!

  192. I like the lamp and the cowhide stool! Purdy indeed ;)

  193. Love the Marit octagon mirror and Essie lanterns!

  194. the asta rug looks gorgeous

  195. I love the octagon mirror!

  196. The Arya Breadboard is so beautiful! I love everything in this shop!!

  197. I like th Arya bread board.

  198. I haven’t seen this style of dish before. I LOVE them. wonderful design

  199. LOVE the Confetti Stemless Glassware!!

  200. I love the Kira striped towels and those beautiful utensils!

  201. I love the Arya bread board!

  202. Amazing giveaway! Love Erin and her shop. It was hard to pick, but I think my favorite is the Marit Octagon Mirror.
    Adriana M. recently blogged..Tech Savvy: Norton Truck Tour and Mobile Security

  203. I am digging the octagon mirror, so gorgeous! And I recently became obsessed with Christmas tree ornaments and those mercury glass ones are lovely!

  204. I love the segna lamp and the astra rug. This whole shop is perfect. Classy, but understated in just the right way.

  205. Love the confetti glassware

  206. I love the Asta Rug. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  207. LOVE the Marit Octagon Mirror!

  208. I love the marit octagon mirror!

  209. I love the gold confetti glasses! So beautiful!

  210. I like the Asta rug.

  211. I love the gold bubble glasses! They are gorgeous

  212. The striped towels and the bubble glasses!

  213. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Lucia Cowhide Stool

  214. Love the tumblers!

  215. Love the Marit mirror!

  216. The champagne glasses are beautiful!

  217. Everything is so lovely. I love the Kira striped towels to spruce up my new kitchen.

  218. Octagon mirror!

  219. I love the wood things like the Malena appetizer plates.

  220. All of the items are so cozy and welcoming, with the perfect balance of charm. I imagine myself knitting by the fireplace, sipping on wine from the beautiful confetti glassware. Definitely my favorite item. Keep up the great work!

  221. Asta rug! I need something fabulous to protect my toddler from the hard floor.

  222. Love the alise throw!

  223. i adore the confetti stemless glassware!

  224. I absolutely love the asta rug!

  225. Those golden cups are ridiculously cute.

  226. I AM IN LOVE with the wood (anything wood works for me!) and the bubbly glasses!
    caitlin recently blogged..I have these letters…

  227. Lucia Cowhide Stool

  228. I love the Asta Rug and the Arya Bread Board!

  229. I’m loving the wood plates and utensils. Fantastic giveaway.

  230. Love the confetti glassware! Perfect for the holidays!

  231. The glasses are amazing! See so many things I would love to have in my home! Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful shop

  232. I am obsessed with the Asta Rug!

  233. I love the Alise Knit Throw!

  234. I think you’ve chosen the best items already, for the giveaway: I love the unusual champagne glasses, and those rustig glam appetizer plates are just perfect!

  235. confetti glasses. soooo pretty

  236. The octagon mirror it’s superb and malena wood things gorgeous!

  237. The Asta rug and Octogon mirror are both beautiful!

  238. Like the confetti glasses

  239. Happy Christmas Eve to all!

  240. Love the Confetti stemless glassware!

  241. The Marit mirror is gorgeous!

  242. My favourite item in the shop would have to be the Alise Knit Throw.

  243. The mercury glass bud vases are amazing!

  244. I’m obsessed with those gold confetti glasses! So cute!

  245. The nutcracker is too cute!

  246. Love, love, love their MARIT OCTAGON MIRROR. Gorgeous!

  247. I’m in love with their Essie Lanterns.

  248. I am crazy for the confetti glasses. Also! The Essie lanterns are amazing.

  249. The Confetti Glasses are adorable!

  250. I love the pillow covers and the confetti glasses

  251. Love the Malena appetizer plates and utensils. So pretty!

  252. Love everything but especially the gold dot glasses.

  253. striped towels are lovely!

  254. ARYA BREAD BOARD Thanks for the chance & happy holidays! Theresa
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently blogged..Step by Step How to Make a Wreath : Holiday Wreath #Diy

  255. It’s hard to pick just one thing to love in the shop, but I’m especially drawn to the Marit Octagon mirror. I would love to put that beauty up in my bedroom.

  256. Thank you for introducing me to this lovely shop. I had never come across it before.
    That cowhide stool is unreal. What’s not to love?!

  257. How beautiful! What a great addition to a home these would make :)

  258. Oh, the Octagon mirror…be still my heart!

  259. I love the knit throw!

  260. Great giveaway!!! Thank you sooo much! Well I think we have the same taste!
    I really liked this bread board:

    The Malena appetizers plates and utensils!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Have a great holiday season!!! xxx

  261. I love the Gaelle mercury glass ornaments!

  262. I love the ALISE KNIT THROW.

  263. So cute! My favorite is the confetti stemless glassware.

  264. I really would love to win. I like the champagne glasses very much!

    Happy holidays!

  265. Confetti Stemless Glassware,Bauble Mercury Glass Bud Vases,Malena Appetizer Plates… so many lovely items.Amazing giveaway and so generous of you.Thank you for the chance to win it.

  266. i love the malena appetizer plates and utensils

  267. Love the gold bubbles champagne glasses!

  268. Love the Confetti Stemless Glassware!

  269. I need those teak bowls!

  270. asta rug and malena appetizer plates are my favorites!

  271. The confetti glasses are my favorite – so I’m pretty excited they’re part of this giveaway!

  272. love it! <3 Merry Christmas everyone!

  273. The wooden flatware is gorgeous, and reminds me of hand-carved flatware that I found in Bali, but passed up and still regret it!

  274. liz piccione-volger

    The bread board and appetizers plates are gorgeous!

  275. Confetti glass cups would be perfect.Thanks

  276. LOVE the Asta rug and Marit mirror!

  277. i love merit octagon mirror

  278. Such a cute set!

  279. mercury glass bud vases!

  280. I want theAlise Knit Throw!! Looks like the perfect way to warm up this winter

  281. love everything, but the confetti stemless glasses are stunning!

  282. Oh, I love the cushion covers! And everything else! :)

  283. I love the essie lanterns

  284. Big fan of the Arya Bread Board
    Jenelle recently blogged..Shepherd’s *Pot* Pie

  285. love the Asta Rug ;o)

  286. I love the clovis nut cracker

  287. What a great give away! I love The Arya Bread board! Best wishes for the new year

  288. Love the golden bubble glasses!

  289. My fav is the Asta rug…and the Essie lantern!

  290. Loving the Lucia cowhide stool! It’s just so gorgeous and a stunning piece to have at home.
    Vera recently blogged..I left my heart in Shoreditch

  291. Ooh, so gorgeous, I can’t decide whether I prefer the confetti glassware or the octagonal mirror, lovely throughout the year, both.

  292. ahh the Essie lanterns!

  293. Everything is lovely. I would love the kira striped towels for my new kitchen!
    Tracy Davis recently blogged..New House

  294. daniela silvia ruggeri

    love everything, but i like it “Essie lanterns”

  295. I can’t get over the champagne glasses!

  296. I love the confetti glassware!

  297. Thank you for the awesome worldwide giveaway! I’m a fan, I’m actually in love with everything look at those glasses!

  298. The Kira Striped Towels!!! :)

  299. I have to say I love the Confetti Stemless Glassware. They are my fav!

  300. Both the Asta Rug and the Marit Octagon Mirror are beautiful!

  301. Def the Asta rug!

  302. The stemless confetti champagne glasses are so fun! I would buy them in a heartbeat!

  303. Oh my, utterly smitten with the MARIT OCTAGON MIRROR! xx

  304. The Confetti Glassware!

  305. I love the signe lamp the best!

  306. I love all of the mercury glass ornaments!!!

  307. Wow I absolutely love those CONFETTI STEMLESS GLASSWARE! I would love to win, thanks for the chance and Happy HOlidays :)

  308. I love the Signe Lamp. Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. What a fantastic competition! I absolutely love the Signe Lamp and Asta Rug – so gorgeous!
    Robyn recently blogged..Bright Night piece for .M Contemporary Gallery

  310. I love the arya bread board..It will be perfet in my home..

  311. I love the arya bread board..I would be perfect at my home ..

  312. My favorite item is the Signe Lamp.

  313. The confetti stemless glassware rocks!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  314. The nutcracker is super fun!

  315. How does one choose!? So many great items, but probably…the mercury glass bud vases (in addition to everything else, of course!).

  316. Love these designs! The Marit octagon mirror is my favorite.

  317. I’m loving the mercury glass bud vases & ornaments! Very neat things all around!

  318. So cute! Love their stuff!

  319. In love with the Alise Knit Throw. It looks so warm and comfy for those cold winter nights.

  320. Beautiful earthy and festive party pack!

  321. I really like the Confetti Stemless Glassware…. but also the Essie Lanterns… Can’t decide!

  322. I love the bread board!

  323. looooove the bauble mercury glass bud vases!

  324. I would love to have these Grandiflora items for my home!!

  325. those stemless confetti glasses are just so sweet! would love to add those to my collection for parties and holidays!

  326. I love the essie lanterns and the clovis nutcracker and the mercury glass ornaments. OMG so many awesome things!

  327. I’m loving the Marit Octagon Mirror and the Signe Lamp.

  328. the kira striped towels, glisten cushion covers and mercury glass bud vases <3

  329. confetti glassware!

  330. I love the wooden utensils! Thanks for the giveaway!

  331. great giveaway. i love these items and the dish towels.


  332. The Asta Rug is great!

  333. Megaloooove the Asta Rug for my new living room. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  334. Love the asta rug!

  335. that lamp is absolutely gorgeous!

  336. I love the Confetti Stemless glasses and the Essie Lanterns!

  337. I luv the kira stripe towels, asta rug and marit mirror

  338. I love the glisten cushion covers!

  339. I have been looking for a set of stemless champagne flutes, and the gold confetti print is perfect for any occasion that requires bubbly!
    julia // anderson lane recently blogged..dining out

  340. The glisten cushion covers definitely belong on my couch.

  341. The ARYA BREAD BOARD is absolutely amazing!!

  342. Love the appetizer plates and the Atsa rug!

  343. I like the Confetti Stemless Glassware!

  344. My fav item is definitely Essie Lanterns! So cute<3

  345. The Asta rug and Malena appetizer utensils are my favorite!

  346. I am in love with their Kira striped towels!

  347. it’s so hard to decide, but i love the the confetti stemless glassware because they’re so festive.

  348. The confetti glasses are gorgeous!

    Ehara Poetry recently blogged..Recipe: Chocolate Gingerbread Boy Cookies

  350. I liked the wooden dishes and the music!

  351. Im in love with the Confetti Stemless Glassware <3

  352. It’s hard to decide but I love the Marit Octagon Mirror. I’m looking for a mirror for our bedroom right now. That one would be perfect.

  353. The Malena appetizer utensils are my fav. Would look so gorgeous on the dinner table

  354. I love the knit throw!

  355. my favorite items are the giveaway items! especially the appetizer utensils!

  356. I’m absolutely in love with the Signe Lamp and Asta Rug.

  357. That confetti glassware is amazing! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  358. I love the confetti glassware!

  359. My favorite product is the confetti stemless glassware!

  360. i love the asta rug and their glass ornaments! what a simple, yet so beautiful shop!

  361. I just adore those glasses. Basically my wedding theme right there.

  362. I love the lucia cowhide stool

  363. I love the Alise knit throw!

  364. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I looooove Grandiflora–but especially the Asta Rug!

  365. I wish I could just say ‘everything’, but I will choose the Malena appetizer plates and utensils.

  366. I love the Malena Appetizer Plates most, I think. I love everything, which varies slightly due to hand made design and nature. And they are perfect for a rustic dinner table with a special touch. Gorgeous! Thanks!

  367. the confetti glassware is so festive and classy!

  368. There are so many lovely things, but the Malena Appetizer Plates are perfect! Rustic with a special golden touch – right my style :) i love them!

  369. love the signe lamp and the alise knit throw!

  370. who could live without the confetti stemless glassware?! it would make everything we drink SO much better!!

  371. The nutcraker looks fantastic!

  372. Love the mercury glass bud vases!

  373. I love all of the utensils and the striped towels.

  374. I like the Confetti Stemless Glassware.

  375. Wow, such beautiful stuff! I’m quite smitten by the confetti glasses, but I also enjoy the Essie lanterns. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  376. I absolutely *adore* the Arya Bread Board, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a set of the Bauble Mercury Glass Bud Vases, either…

  377. The wall hooks are out of this world!

  378. The stemless glassware is adorable!

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  387. Confetti stemless glassware!

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