Spray Painted Paper Bags

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Have you ever thought of spray painting paper bags? Or maybe rolls of paper to make your own gift wrap?

Paper Bags

 You will need:

Paperbags // leather scraps // snap fastener buttons & brass paper fasteners // spray paint // paper glue

Paper Bags

 How to:

1. Lay paper bag flat on the ground and cover half of it with a piece of paper.

2. Spray. If you like to have a gradient, do not cover the bag with paper but instead spray paint half of the bag, let it dry and then start painting with your second color from top to middle.

I used that technique on my Christmas baubles too.


how to

3. Let it dry for a little bit.

4. Attach the leather strip with a craft push button and a brass paper fastener. You can also glue the strip on one side and then use the button on the other side to open/close it easily.

Paper Bags


I think this is a nice and easy gift wrap alternative, especially for a fashionista;-) I have seen these leather lunch bags popping up everywhere lately.

Paper Bags



Paper Bags


I imagine them being dipped in glitter would also be a great idea;-)

Paper Bags



Paper Bags


Michelle spray painted her bags with chalk paint, which I think is also a fab idea! And here they made a camera stencil to then get a beautiful camera print wrapping paper.


This weekend, I will be selling at a Design market in a beautiful location. You can follow me on Instagram to see how it’s going;-) So excited!




//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. GENIUS! This is such a good idea for handmade businesses to create their own bags to package products in at craft shows.

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