Make your own vegan Chocolate

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The guys at Chocqlate asked me to give their chocolate diy kit a try, and so I did. I love, that everything comes with it, you don’t need to buy anything extra. The kit also includes the molds. Though if you feel fancy, you can decorate the bars with edible flowers, chilly, sprinkles, pepper, candy,…..

Whats special about ChocQlate is that its Vegan. It has genuine, original cocoa beans. They are dried below 42 degrees and not roasted. As antioxidants, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, copper and manganese are retained.  Agave syrup as a natural sweetener replaces the white refined table sugar.


Homemade Chocolate

Die Jungs von ChocQlate fragten, ob ich mal ihr diy Schoko Set ausprobiere, und bei Schokolade kann ich natuerlich nicht nein sagen!  Das tolle an dem Kit ist, das man wirklich nichts weiter braucht als was im Set ist. Die Kreativen unter uns koennen dann noch essbare Blumen, Beeren, Orangenschalen usw. auf der Schokolade verteilen.
Das Besondere an ChocQlate ist, das es vegan ist.  Es hat echte, ursprüngliche Kakaobohnen. Sie werden unter 42 Grad getrocknet und nicht geröstet. So bleiben Antioxidantien, Magnesium, Eisen, Zink, Phosphor, Kalium, Kupfer und Mangan erhalten. Agavensirup als natürliches Süßungsmittel ersetzt den weißen, raffinierten Haushaltszucker.


how to



Cacao Beans 45g // Cacoa Powder 50g // Vanilla 1-2g // Pinch of Salt // Agave Sirup 5-7 Tblsp // Cacoa butter 100g



1. Heat up the cocoa butter in a metal bowl in a water bath.

2. Layer the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl.

3. Add the melted cocoa butter, stir mixture for 1 minute.


how to

Tips and tricks to get the perfect chocolate are explained on their website.

Homemade vegan chocolate


Homemade vegan chocolate


Homemade vegan chocolate


Forget love I'd rather fall in chocolate


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  1. A day without chocolate is like a life without love : useless and sad.

  2. A day without chocolate is like life without laughter.

  3. A day without chocolate is a very sad day!

  4. A day without chocolate is like waking up without hugs and kisses.

  5. A day without chocolate is death.

  6. …a tragedy. ;)

  7. …a waste of a day ;)

  8. A day without chocolate is a wasted opportunity to get some good nutrients and happiness :)

  9. I liked ChocQlate on FB

  10. A day without chocolate is way too hard to do!
    Fiona recently blogged..Collections – Sea Glass

  11. …nonexistent in my house. (That’s true, we haven’t gone a day without chocolate in years, even if it’s just a bite.)

  12. Delicious!! We love vegan chocolate…have to try this kind!!

    Also we have today an art project in our blog for those who would like to decorate their walls, come and take a look!! ;)

  13. Oooh no I’m late! Bloglovin didn’t notified me with this blog post :( May I try my luck even so? I’d say that a day without chocolate doesn’t need to be lived : better stay in bed the whole day ;)

  14. A day without chocolate is so vanilla!

  15. …not possible

  16. …just doesn’t exist;-)

  17. a day without chocolate is never a good idea

  18. is a wasted day

  19. A day with out chocolate is a very very long one with cravings that make me look pathetic … Love my chocolate!

  20. …is like a day without smiling.