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And the winner is:


Comment 54: Trista W.



Design3000 is giving away a wonderful set of bed sheets… Princess bed sheets! And they are not only for little girls, I would totally snuggle up in them and stay in bed all day!




All you have to do is tell me in the comments: What does your perfect day in bed look like?



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This giveaway ends at 11:59pm GMT+1 on March 21st,  2014.  The winner will be selected by and will have 48 hours to respond to our notification email before another winner is selected.

Good luck!

PS: Check out the Pyjama Party Invitations I designed!

//xoxo, Sibylle//

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  1. Mein perfekter Tag im Bett:
    1. lange schlafen
    2. spät von der Sonne im gesicht geweckt werden
    3. sich umdrehen und ein geliebtes gesicht sehen
    4. das geliebte Gesicht macht Frühstück mit allem Schnick und Schnack und kommt damit wieder ins Bett
    5. es gibt einen alten lange nicht gesehenen Film im Fernsehen
    6. mein Buch ist noch nicht zu Ende
    7. abends geht es auf eine rauschende Party (sonst kann ich nicht schlafen nach einem Tag im Bett)

    That’s it!
    xoxo Susanne

  2. My perfect day in bed contains a nice breakfast in bed with fresh orange juice & coffee, warm sunshine that comes through the window and most important: my boyfriend right next to me.

  3. Cuddling with my hubby watching chick flicks with movie theatre popcorn!!

  4. I think my perfect day in bed would be sleeping in until I naturally wake up without alarms, ideally with the bright sun shining through the windows, and then that nice stretch of feeling good and rested all the way through. Then having a really, really good book to read, that keeps my interest. There should be food nearby, enough so that I don’t need to go make breakfast, but it doesn’t matter all that much what it is. No commitments, no bothers, nothing to make me leave my warm nest until I feel like it. Just warmth, sunshine, and the indulgence of being quiet.

  5. perfekt ist:
    durchgeschlafen (bei drei kurzen nicht immer der fall ),
    einen cafe vom liebsten, durchs fenster schaut
    der frühling rein und mein kindle hat ein spannendes buch.
    und wenn man dabei auch noch prinzessin sein kann, wunderbar!
    gruss eva

  6. Ohhh perfekter Tag im Bett: Regentropfen klopfen leise auf das Dach, während das Geräusch des Meeresrauschen durch die offene Kofferraumtür unseres Bullis klingt. In Tagträumen versunken wälzen wir eingekuschelt den lonely planet und planen wo, wann und wie wir weiterreisen. Hach jaaaa…

  7. My perfect day in bed with be spent with my two favorite kiddos…..reading books with them,talking about funny things and all kinds of cuddles.

  8. oh, how wonderful!
    that’s how my perfect day in bed looks like:
    having a good cup of coffee, some warm slices of toast, a romantic movie and a good book. and then i’d love to stay until i cannot lie anymore. :)
    have a good weekend,
    frau s.

  9. perfect day in bed must have clean white sheets, reading the nytimes travel section, and only getting out of bed to make a coffee and eat mallowmars.

  10. my perfect day in bed would have A LOT of netflix watching, magazine tearing, breakfast eating, and snuggling under this insanely adorable bedding!

  11. My perfect bed day would be snuggling with my princess and watching tv. She is 7 and it’s a total princess. This bedding would be perfect for her!

  12. Lots of movies and books!

  13. My perfect day in bed would include croissant,juice and my fiance by my side, all with a perfect song on the radio station..

  14. 1. lots of pillows
    2. tea and coffee
    3. breakfast consisting of fruits and oatmeal
    4. good book / nice movie or tv series
    5. a good friend
    6. bad weather (when it’s sunny I feel guilty staying indoors all day)
    7. comfy clothes

  15. Perfekter Tag im Bett? Genau das! Denn mit Kind und Vollzeitjob gibt’s das viiiieeeel zu selten. Dann bräuchte ich noch Sonnenschein, frische Bettwäsche, ein Buch oder eine Zeitschrift…mh…vielleicht mache ich noch eine Gesichtsmaske…und vor allem: kein schlechtes Gewissen!!!
    Liebe Grüße


  16. Raining outside, snuggling and watching movies

  17. coffee + cuddling with my dog & cat + lots of TV

  18. It would be cold and rainy outside and I would have a really good book and some of my favorite chocolate. Then I would watch Project Runway and have Chinese food.

  19. Those sheets are downright perfect. What a great giveaway!

    The perfect day with start with cuddling my pup, Bowser, and hubby. Then, it would be pancakes and Earl Grey tea in for breakfast-in-bed, of course. Next, Netflix binging with my favorite shows. I can’t think of a more perfect day!

    PS. Also, liked Funkytime on Facebook! :)

  20. Watching movies or searching Pinterest :)

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  24. Watching a movie with my husband, or snuggling all day.

  25. I’ve been spending a ton of days in bed bc I’m 7 months pregnant. My perfect day consists of clean sheets, my pregnancy pillows, my cuddley puppy, and some netflix binging. Maybe some breakfast in bed from the husband.

  26. 1. Sleep past 9
    2. Breakfast in bed
    3. Princess Bride, followed by additional cheesey favorite flicks.
    4. Afternoon nap
    5. Lots of snuggles to go back to sleep

    Talk about a day in the life of a princess!
    Loove love love these sheets – perfect for the incoming little girl!

  27. My perfect day in bed would be, pancakes and hot coffee at around 9 am… followed by a movie marathon with my hubby and snuggled up with our kitties.

  28. My perfect day in bed would feature unlimited hot tea and a stack of books!

  29. I like Funkytime on Facebook.

  30. Cuddling and watching movies!

  31. My perfect day in bed would include four things. Those are Coffee, bacon, classic movies and cheesecake. It doesnt take alot to make me happy. :)

  32. My perfect day in bed would be to sleep in, and then have someone bring me breakfast in bed. I’d like coffee, orange juice, grits, and a toasted bagel. I wouldn’t mind if a light, gentle rain was falling. I’d like my cats cuddling with me, and a great book to read on my Kindle.

  33. my perfect day in bed would definitely involve sleeping in and someone bringing me coffee and breakfast. I’d probably spend the rest of the day snuggling the baby and watching movies and documentaries. Having the rest of my meals delivered would be a bonus!

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  35. Ein ganzer Tag im Bett? Ist bei mir auf jeden Fall über 5 Jahre her, also würde ich es feiern! Und vorher in der Bahnhofsbuchhandlung jede Menge Zeitschriften kaufen, mir nach dem Ausschlafen ganz schnell Rührei und einen Latte Macchiato machen, um dann ganz schnell damit wieder ins Bett zu huschen. Achja, Eis und Chips würde ich später auch noch essen, und das iPad dürfte auch nicht fehlen, um meine Blogrunden zu drehen!
    Hanna | Geschenkliebe recently blogged..Wein-Geschenk-Tipps nach Anlässen: Das Auge trinkt mit

  36. Hi, My perfect day would include sleeping in, ordering food in, tv and snuggling with pets and family. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  37. I would love to spend the day in bed, snuggled with our little ones, and just listening to soothing music and reading lots of books!

  38. My perfect day in bed would be kid free and filled with sleep

  39. Liked on Facebook – Trista W.

  40. My perfect day is spending it snuggled up all warm in bed with a cup of coffee and a great book or two!
    Lina recently blogged..Friday Five: 3/21/14

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    Lina recently blogged..Friday Five: 3/21/14

  42. Those are the cutest sheets! Ok, so my perfect day in bed would consist of quietness, multiple pillows and a great book!

  43. …And Liked Funkytime on Facebook! :)

  44. i tweeted it @wblack1125

  45. shared on Facebook these are so cute wow! i know a little girl who would love this!

  46. My perfect day in bed is having breakfast brought to me by my hubby. Then lounging in my p.j.’s with my kitties surrounding me.

  47. A lazy morning in bed, cup of earl grey, snuggled up with my husband and my two year old daughter who’s just woken up and half awake and all cuddly in her pjs (she’ just too cute in the morning!) x

  48. My perfect day in bed goes like this:
    I open my eyes and I see a fresh cup of coffee on the side table. I prop myself on two pillows and enjoy every sip of it. Next, I hear soft steps coming from the hallway and sweet little voices saying something like, “Is she awake yet?”. Suddenly my 3 kids come running to get with me in bed, but at my husband’s prompt, they pause and slowly get in bed with me. After a very peaceful snuggling time, my husband comes back with donuts and fruit and more coffee, to celebrate a family breakfast in bed. Though the kids eat their breakfast on a blanket on the floor. After we are all done, my family let’s me sleep in a bit more ;)

  49. Ooops, my name is NOT U4WULK… not sure how I managed to type that! Is Ursula ;)

  50. Laying in bed watching TV and having breakfast brought to me.

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