Geometric Wallpaper Lamp Shade- Ikea Hack

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I love the IKEA Kollektion BRÅKIG, and even though I didn’t really have a use for the wallpaper that is part of the collection, I decided to get it anyway. Then there came the day I needed a new lampshade, and guess what came to mind…?

Ikea wallpaper lamp 1

You will need:


White Lampshade & Wallpaper paste (or individual flat lampshade rings, which come with double sided tape)


Ikea wallpaper lamp 2


How to:

//Step 1: Measure the height and circumference of your shade. Add 2cm to the diameter measurement.// Step 2: If using a white lampshade, you simply have to glue the wallpaper on top with walllpaper paste. I used flat lampshade rings that came with double sided tape. So I laid the strip of wallpaper on the floor , sat  each ring on the edge of the long side of the wallpaper strip and started rolling until the end of the walllpaper. You might want to get some help for that, because you need to hold both rings parallel to eachother.

Ikea wallpaper lamp 3


Ikea wallpaper lamp 4







//xoxo, Sibylle//

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