Mother’s Day Mousse au Chocolat

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Satisfy your mom’s (and everyone else’s) sweet tooth on Mother’s day with this chocolate and vanilla layered mousse, which is not only delicious but also looks really cute. Just add some gold painted raspberries on top or write a little note  to  give your dessert that little extra touch. Someone on Instagram also called it ‘pudding calligraphy’ which, I have to say, hits the nail right on the head ;-)

Best mom ever

Best mom ever


How to:

I used this chocolate mousse recipe and this easy white chocolate vanilla bean mousse recipe.

To get the alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla mousse, I first poured in the vanilla been mousse, let it rest in the fridge for two hours and then poured the mousse au chocolat on top. I let it rest again for two hours and then started writing the message on the top layer with edible shimmer glitter. This is a powder, so if you mix it a little with water, it will become gold paint. With a very fine brush you will be able to write on top of the mousse and the raspberries.


Best mom ever


how to


Best mom ever 4


Best mom ever





//xoxo, Sibylle//

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