Spray Painted Coffee Mugs

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Turn a boring white mug into a stylish dish, using metallic paint and a paper template or masking tape.
Christmas Mugs

You will need:

• plain white mug
• matte-finnish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint
• clear sealer for ceramic

• masking tape and/or template


Cross Mugs 1 copy

How to:

To make the cross mugs, I used masking tape. I taped the whole mug and then cut out a cross and spray painted it.

To make the deer cups, I used this template, printed it on paper, cut out the deer and glued the template on to the cup, spray painted the cup and then removed the template.

Let it dry and seal it with ceramic sealer.

Cross Mugs 2


Cross Mugs 3

Cross Mugs

Cross Mugs 4

A happy week!



//xoxo, Sibylle//

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